Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 15

Kevin's wresling match. That's our Kevie in the blue.... They were pumping up for this one all week. It was against Kerman who has an excellent wrestling team. Kevin did so good! He was way ahead in the points. Round one....Kevin winning..... Round two.....Kevin still Winning..... Round Three Kevin is still ahead in points..... a pentalty and time stops..... what happens? The time keeper RESTARTS the round back to the initial two minutes instead of starting the time back from where it left off..... (which the round was about 3/4's of the way finished) The last 2 seconds (litterally) of the round Kevins makes a bad move and he gets pinned..... The ref calls it a pin and the buzzer sounds for the time...... So Kevin got pinned, the other guy wins..... But many in the stands are mad..... Why? Because Kevin was ahead for all 3 rounds, if the time was done correctly instead of restarted the match would have been over about 1 minute and 30 seconds sooner than it was and Kevin would have won the match.... But..... in the end, Kevin was bummed, but more because he slipped up and got pinned than he was about the time.... Good sport! Proud of him. He did excellent. Grandmas and Grandpa (my parents) rode with us (Myself, Mike, Katie and Kayla) and Kyle and Megan met us up there to watch. It was lots of fun.

Day 14

This photo says it all....... LOOK WHAT I DID!! The girls painted flowers at Art Class. They are doing so great. Learning a lot and enjoying spending time with their friends Sienna, Rose and Mia in class with them. Us mom's take turns driving (today I had the whole day off, didn'ttake or pick up) The girls have a great group of friends and I have great friends (their moms!). The art teacher is a wonderful woman. She attends our church (first service so I don't typically see her) and she is so great with the kids. She does Amazing work.

Day 13

Katie was working on her school project. It was on the "Spice Trade". She did an excellent job. I was so proud of her. She did all the work by herself. I looked up a couple spice photos for her but after that she took over...... She found more photos she needed and printed them off, looked up all the information her her spices, etc and did a Fantastic job!

Day 12

My little Chefs at their cooking class! It was Philippians night. They made is similar to egg rolls and made with Lumpia wrapping (paper).. They were very yummy!! They made so many they were able to bring a few uncooked ones home with them. As soon as we hit the door they asked me to fry them for them. So I grabbed my lap top and took it to the kitchen. I was online on my board meeting with the Pitboard charity and cooking Lumpia for the girls at the same time. They are really enjoying this class!

Day 11

Is it Thanksgiving? Christmas? NOPE...... just a Family Day. I made a big turkey dinner. Mom brought over her famous cornbread stuffing and some cranberry sauce and we had a full blown turkey dinner together. Megan was able to join us! Kyle was on his way home from Los Angeles so he just ate left overs when he got in.....We were stuffed but it was yummy yummy to our tummy's!

Day 10

Today was the Men's Breakfast at the church. Mike took Kevin with him and they met my dad (he rode with a friend of dad's and ours "Bob") at church.... It was Mike and Kevin's first time going to the Men's Breakfast together. So crazy to believe that Kevin is indeed man enough to be included at the Men's Breakfast. It made my heart soar when two of my favorite boys walked out to door together. (Kyle was in Los Angeles visiting friends, so he wasn't able to attend this time).

Day 9

I worked late today and Katie cooked dinner. Man O Man it was soooooooo good. She made spaghetti sauce from scratch, noodles and green beans. She loves to cook and she really does a great job..... After a long day of work this was a welcomed treat! I almost forgot to take the picture so right after dinner I ran in and had her hold the left over for her photo shot (before she fed the dogs.) =) Thank you Katie girl.